Class 10th English Objective Questions Bihar Board 2021 Chapter 2 Me And The Ecology Bit मैट्रिक परीक्षा 2021 का प्रश्न उत्तर



Q. 1. ‘Nobody’s willing to do anything about ecology’. Do you agree with the statement ?

Ans. It is not true to say that nobody is willing to do anything about ecology. The perfect statement might be such as 80 to 90 percent of people today are not willing to do anything about ecology, as, even today, some people are very conscious towards ecology. They do not pluck even a leaf from any tree unnecessarily, they do not pollute water, throwing garbage, they do not make air pollution, they do not scatter waste materials and they even pay heed in wasting useless materials. Such people, even today, do not take help of machines where it is not necessary to do so.

Q. 2. “But anyhow, on Saturday when I collect, I put in a good word on écology.” This is the narrator’s way of preserving ecology. How are you contributing to ecological preservation in your surroundings?

Ans. To preserve ecology first of all I take care in the use of necessary things. I do not misuse anything. I do not harm any tree. I make compost from the waste materials. I do not use machines unnecessarily. I do not throw garbage in water. I do not make any noise. I do not misuse water. Thus, I do not like to talk on ecology but I like to do something in favour of it.

Q. 3, ‘I get tired of trying to get Ms. Greene to do something about ecology.’ Explain in detail the meeting between Jim and Ms. Greene and throw light on the outcome of the meeting.

Ans. Jim went to Ms. Greene on Saturday and Sunday. She put her garbage out for weekly pickup on Monday. Jim was looking at the big plastic garbage bags on her lawn. While Jim was looking at her garbage bags, she said him to collect the gum wrappers into the garbage bag, which were thrown by him. She also told him to keep his dog on a leash, because

                                        it was the law in that town. She also complained against his dog which was messing his lawn digging the ground and tearing the bargage bags. She also prevented him to litter the lawn.


                  Jim saw her putting newspapers into the garbage bags. He suggested her to collect the waste papers into school pickup and aluminium cans separately, so that these materials could be made into new ones. Ms. Greene objected to him because last time she did not see him picking the school pickup. So, she said that it was easier to throw these waste materials partly and not collectively. Thus, Jim couldn’t succeed to make Ms. Greene to do something about ecology

Q. 4. ‘Sure it is hard to get people to work for ecology.! Do you agree with this statement? What is ecology ? What measures have you and your school taken to preserve it?

Ans. Yes, I agree with this statement, because today people have no proper education and training on ecology. They are not conscious towards ecology By ecology we mean the relationship between living things and their surroundings, i.g., the study of plants, animals, peoples and relations, in relation to environment.

We students plant trees in our school and public places. Our school organises processions and public exhibits to make people aware. The students are getting training in the school how to preserve ecology.

Q. 5. “Women use too many electric things.” What prompts the narrator to say so ? How does the use of modern appliances affect ecology ?

Ans. The narrator saw his mother using electric mixer. It prompted the narrator to say that women used too many electric things.

                                                              The use of modern appliances affect ecology. We use motor vehicles which emit harmful gases, fly dust. Electronic devices and atomic devices expel radioactive particles in the environment. These expelled particles and materials are harmful for living beings and ecology

Q. 6. Do you think that Jim your own opinion. a real ecology friendly boy ? Give

Ans. In my opinion Jim is not a real ecology friendly boy; because he, too, uses modern appliances. He litters the lawn of Ms. Greene. His dog also digs up her garden and messes up her yard. It also tears open the

                                                                garbage bags of her. In practice he only suggests others to do in favour of ecology but does not exercise himself.

Q. 7. Does Jim understand why his advice is being questioned ? Explain.

Ans. Jim only professes his eco-friendly ideas to others but does not exercise to himself. So, his advice is always being questioned. Mr. Williams says him, “Your compost smells up the whole street.” Ms. Greene says him, Like the last school pickup ?” “When you said you’d come and pick them up, but you never showed up? His mother says in a very cold voice, “So who watches TV twentyseven hours a day around here ?” In the same way, Mr. Johnson also made joke of him. Thus, Jim understands why his advice is being questioned, because everybody understand his professy.

Q. 8. What happened to the tree referred to by Mr. Johnson ?

Ans. Mr. Johnson points out about a place where there is no tree. But, he addresses the narrator telling about a tree. He says him further that there is no tree because the narrator had made a path there, a shortcut from Mrs. Greene’s. There was a little tree just starting to get bigger but it died because the narrator jumped over it every day. Thus, the tree, referred to by Mr. Johnson was treaded by the narrator.

Q. 9. Is Jim aware of all of the aspects ? Does he always practise ecology measures ? Give arguments in favour of your answer.

Ans. No, Jim is not aware of all the aspects. Jim does not practise any ecology measures. He is only professing others to practise the ecology measures. He is only practising for his business, because it is easier to say something than to do. Jim has said himself that it is hard to get people to work for ecology, everybody is in favour of it but nobody, wants to do anything about it. He admits that he is doing something, going around telling people what they should do. But, he does not follow the same what he says others to do.  differently. We should not use modern appliances frequently because they

Q. 1. Why it is hard to get people to work for ecology ?

Ans. It is hard to get people to work for ecology because today people are not aware of the ecological effect on their life.

Q. 2. What is compost ?

Ans. Compost is a manure prepared with the mixture of different natural materials.

Q. 3. How are trees useful in getting environment favourable to

Ans. Trees are useful in getting the environment free of pollution, so they are helpful getting the environment favourable to us.


Q. 1. Who is Jim ? What work does he do in favour of ecology ?

Ans. Jim is a pickup boy. He uses to pick up garbage from house to house and makes the people aware about ecology. He also makes compost from the collected garbage. He suggests everyone to take up measures in favour of ecology

Q. 2. What are the measures given in your book to be taken in favour of ecology ?

Ans. The lesson ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ teaches us that we should save trees and grow more trees. We should make compost from the garbage of our house. We shouldn’t leave our dogs or animals unleashed. We should pile different waste materials separately, so that they can be treated us ? weaken human capacity and harm environment.

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