Class 10th English Objective Questions Bihar Board 2022 Chapter 1 pace for living मैट्रिक परीक्षा 2022 का प्रश्न उत्तर



Q. 1. Write a few sentences about the elderly corn-merchant.

Ans. The corn-merchant was an elderly man. He was anxious due to the current fast trend of life. He was a slow person. His nephew was cheating him. His wife was extravagant. She believed in spending £ 10 on a holiday. In short, we can say that the pace of life was too much for him. So, he was anxious.

Q. 2. “They tell me there’s an aeroplane now that goes at 1,000 miles an hour. Now that’s too fast!” What light does the remark of the corn-merchants throw on the fast life today?

Ans. The statement enlightens that the pace of life has become so fast today that the grown up people and he who is slow thinker are unable to confront with it. It is the life of machines today to which grown up persons cannot stride. Elderly people feel that the pace for living today is not suitable for man.

Q. 3. What sort of excitement do we have today which our ancestors lack ? Is it an advantage or a disadvantage ?

Ans. Today we have the excitement of fast-going life. We can enjoy different experiences and pleasure in a short time today. Our ancestors had no excitement in their life, they were contented with what they had already with them. They did not aspire for a pacy life or for getting something more and more The excitement we feel today is the need of time. Without it we cannot do today. But, getting too much excited is harmful for human life, so it is a disadvantage.

Q. 4. Who are taken to be slow thinkers? How are the slow thinkers handicapped today?

Ans. Our ancestors or there might be some tribes who are taken to be slow thinkers.

           The slow thinkers cannot complete in race of life today because everything is running fast. The slow thinkers cannot get their living in today’s life. The slow thinkers are guaranteed to get the lowest marks in any intelligence test today because all these tests today are designed to measure the speed of our mind more than anything else. So, such slow thinkers are taken to be handicapped.

Q. 5. What enlightenment does the writer seek from his wife ? What does it suggest about the plight of the modern man?

Ans. The writer, in the lesson, seeks enlightenment for the scenes and characters in the film what he is watching with his wife. He is unable to follow the film and, so, he seeks enlightenment from her.

                                                 Such a man, as the writer is, today is considered to be haridicapped in the business of getting a living :

Q. 6. Life has become too fast today.

Ans. The Topic has been discussed between Groups A and B.

Group A : Today the life has become very quick. We have to take rapid action to accomplish our work. Every work is carried on and performed with the help of machine. So, man has to follow the machine. Today no one has time to talk to another patiently. Everybody is running to get more and more, to do more and more, and to know more and more rapidly. Thus, the life, today, has become fast.

Group B : It is not correct to say that the life has become fast. The life always runs in its own course. The fact is that human needs and nature have changed their direction. Rapid growth of population, revolution in transport communication have devalued the importance of human participation in the business of getting a living. Machines, today, have simplified and everything. Even human mind has become mechanised today. Thus, we are compelled to think that the life has become fast.

Ex. 7. Change the following statements into indirect form of speech :

1. My mother said, “It may rain.”
2. I said, “I can do it.”
3. The culprit said to the judge, “I am innocent.”
4. Mukul said to me, “You don’t help me.”
5. Vinayak said to Amar, “You will play tomorrow.”
6. Rajan said, “You are doing well.”
7. My teacher said to me, “You are doing well.”
8. “We shall help the poor,” Arif said to Lata.
9: “He does not sing well,” The teacher said to the Principal.
10. She said, “He has not seen the Taj Mahal.
11. My teacher said, “The Sun rises in the east.”

 Ans. 1. My mother said that it might rain.

2. I said that I could do that.

3. The culprit said to the judge that he was innocent.

4. Mukul said to me that I did not help him.

5. Vinayak told Amar that he would play next day.

6. Rajan said that he was doing well.

7. My teacher told me that I was doing well.

8. Arif told Lata that they would help the poor.

9. The teacher said to the principal that he didn’t sing well.

10. She said that he had not seen the Taj Mahal.

11. My teacher said that the Sun rises in the east.


Q. 1. Who has written the article, ‘The Pace for Living’ ?

Ans. ‘The pace for Living’ has been written by R. C. Hutchinson.

Q. 2. What did the writer R. C. Hutchinson, experience from the play he watched in Dublin ?

Ans. The writer, R. C. Hutchinson, experienced from the play in Dublin, that people who are slow thinker today cannot succeed in the business of life.


Q. 1. Do you agree with the idea of R. C. Hutchinson ? Discuss.

Ans. The idea of R. C. Hutchinson is partly correct to say that slow thinkers are unable to get their means of living in the business of life because to achieve livelihood is always hardsome for slow thinkers in the world. The world always worships the power, and those who are the fittest. The survival of the fittest is the role theory of the world. It is quite natural that the weak cannot survive ever. We see even in the life of animals and vegetation that only energetic and strong individuals can survive. This theory of the writer is not true only today but it is a universal, uniform and ever existing law of nature. So, it cannot be said that the writer is all correct in his thought

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