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THE EMPTY HEART ka question answer

 1. LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS : Answer the following questions :

Q. 1. Comment on the title of the poem. It is the title justified ?

Ans. The little of the poem is very quit justified, Moral of the poem is based on the theme of the poem. It is also short to speak. Complete poem circles round the title. Thus, the title is fit. On the other hand, the title is supported by the moral that empty heart cannot be filled with any material things. Thus, the title is justified with all respect.

Q. 2. What does the name “Kalpaka” evoke ? What light does it throw on the character of the person ?

Ans. The name Kalpaka evoke towards such a tree which is eternal and a source of every power. It throws light on the weakness of human heart. If our heart is void nothing of the worldly thing can fill it complete.

Q. 3. Contentment is the style of life. Discuss in the light of the poem.

otherwise whatever we shall achieve will be proved a mere deceit.The present story also gives the same theme. The greedy man achieved seven silver pots full of gold coins but due discontentment he employed all his power and with in filling a half-filled vessel and did not make use of his all the full pots. In the effort of filling half of his empty vessel he left all his daily life, his family and every other thing and inconsequence he even lost his life leaving his empty vessel behind. Thus, it can be perfectly said that contentment is the style of life.

Q. 4. Explain the following lines :

“Nothing is wrong with a half-filled purse;
‘Tis the void in the heart that is the curse.’

Ans. The story itself proves that an empty purse has nothing wrong with it. It can be filled within due course of time but the void in the heart cannot be fill by anything likewise as the full pots of the disconted person as we have seen regarding that greedy man. It means an empty heart itself a curse, not the empty purse.

Q. 5. What does ‘Silver pitcher’ symbolise in the poem ?

Ans. The silver pitcher in the poem symbolises the fairness of heart. It means of man’s heart is fair, it can contain gold within it. Capacity of a container is also important to hold a content. An earthen pot cannot hold a valuable thing like gold.

 Q. 6. Name the title and poet of these lines.

Ans. The title of the poem is ‘The Empty Heart’ and the poet is Periasamy Thooran.

Q. 7. What was to be filled ?

Ans. A half-filed pot was to be filled.

Q. 8. What is meant by “Demon Desire’ here?

Ans. “Demon Desire’ means the desire that works like a demon.

Q. 9. Why did the man bid good-bye to his mother, wife and children ?

Ans. The man bade good-bye to his mother, wife and children taking them as an obstacle or disturbance in his effort of acugiring gold coins to fill the pot.

Q. 10. How did the man work ?

Ans. The man worked harder and harder before cock-crow to past midnight, leaving his eating, drinking and sleep and mother, wife and children. He tried all the tricks and gathered gold shamelessly by hook or crook.

Q. 11. What is the difference between greed and life ?

Ans. Greed is endless but life is limited.

Q. 12. What is a curse : a half filled purse or the void in the heart?

Ans. A half-filled purse is not a curse but the void in the heart is a curse

THE EMPTY HEART ka Subjective question answer

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