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Q. 1. How does a polythene bag pollute our environment ?

Ans. Polythene bag is non-degradable substance. The polythene bag which we throw after it use either remains scatter on the crust or in channels or buried under the earth. Gradually in the long run the remaining bag causes germs of disease. In other way the polythene bag stops the water of sewerage and pollute the surroundings. Thus, the polythene bag pollutes our environment.

Q. 2. Why does the poet compare ‘hurt’ with a polythene bag ? Give any two reasons.

Ans.(i) The polythene bag is as harmful as a hurt.

(ii) Polythene bag does not dissolve ever. Thus, the polythene bag gives pain like a hurt, so it is compared with hurt.

Q. 3. “The polythene bag remains within.” Explain.

Ans. The polythene bag is non-degradable. When it is thrown it remains undissolved for ever under even the soil or over the water. It is neither eatable nor distructible nor useful for any human use but causes many harms remaining within.

Q. 4. Have you ever been hurt ? Write your feelings in your own words.

Ans. Yes, I have been hurt many a time. Sometimes I have been hurt by the behaviour of some person, sometimes by some accident and sometimes by natural happening.

                   Everytime when I was hurt, I thought over its reason and consequence. Whatever the reason concerned with me, I tried to mend it but the reason concerned with another phenomena, I tried to keep myself away from that.

Q. 5. The sources of pollution are limitless.

Ans. Harish : There are different source of pollution in our life.  Ritesh: We see water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and even cultural pollution etc. Karim : But the root of all pollutions is man. He’s unreasonable behaviour and increasing needs are the sole cause or source of pollution. People pollute soil discharging things like polythene bags, pollute air with hard sound and through atomic tests, pollute water expelling oil and non-degradable substance, like polythene bag, etc. But, sometimes, natural calamities also cause pollution.

Q. 6. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on pollution.

Ans. Pollution : Pollution is the root of all diseases. There are different kinds of
pollution. In our day-to-day life we see likewise different diseases related with them. We see cardial, olfactory and auditory diseases caused by noise and air pollution. We also see abdominal and veinal diseases caused by water pollution. We also see other dermal and mental and psychological diseases caused by cultural and air pollution. Man is the main source of pollution. Sometimes natural calamities also cause pollution. Some epidemics when break out and result in numerous death of men and animals, as for example, by the flood, it pollute environment and creates a cycle of pollution. Thus, we should be aware of pollution and should get control over it.

Q. 7. Narrate your experience of a badly polluted colony in your locality that you have recently visited.

Ans. A badly polluted colony of a locality called Ganeshpur. Once I was passing through an area named Ganeshpur, a colony. The scene of the colony was very dispelling. There was knee deep water all round. The colour of the water was black and slips of paper and weeds and garbage were floating on the water. A deep bad smell was coming out of water every where. I had to go across the colony. Next day I felt infected by the water. I got myself medically checked up and after a week’s treatment. I was released from infection.

Q. 8. What is mean by the brief’s garbage bin’ ?

Ans. “The grief’s garbage bin’ means the garbage binwhich contain polythene bags proves to be a grief, for it produces germs.

Q. 9. Why the germs of disease keep on growing ?

Ans. The germs of disease keep on growing, caused by polythene bag thrown in the garbage bin.

Q. 10. How does the pain keeps coming back ?

Ans. The pain caused by the ‘hurt’, keeps coming back. with suitable words

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