1. God Made The Country Class 10th English Important Question | Class 10th English Important Subjective Question 2021


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Answer the following questions briefly :

Q. 1. Where do you find health and virtue ?

Ans. We find health and virtue in villages.

Q. 2. Where do you find fields and groves ?

Ans. We find fields and groves in countryside.

Q. 3. What is the source of light in villages in the evening.

Ans. In villages in the evening, the source of light is lamp.

Q. 4. Why is the nightingale mute in a town ?

Ans. The nightingale is mute in a the towns because it is offended.  man. Today we are getting secluded from nature. We have made ourselves confined within different limitations. In towns we do not get fresh air, water time. Thus, our life gets bitter.

Q. 5. What can make our life sweet?

Ans. To live friendly with nature can make our life sweet. Country life is the home of pleasure. There we do not get anxiety, we do not face any limitation. Nearness to nature can give us healthy wealthy and all pleasure. Fresh food, fresh water, fresh air and the open landscape can make our life sweet. In short we can say that nature can be the source of our sweet life.

Q. 6. What function do groves perform in a village ?

Ans. Groves in a village look very pleasant. In summer groves give shelter to a man, and console at noon hours. They give shades to the passersby and in the evening moon gives its sufficient cold light.

Q. 7. What are the birds scared of ? Explain.

Ans. The birds are scared of deforestation. Their natural abode is being demolished. Artificial songs are being sung through the artificial means. They do not got open areas for their flight. They feel offended.

Q. 8. The villages are no longer beautiful and peaceful. Discuss.

Ans. (The topic is discussed by a group of three students.) Sumit : Do you know,

Yogesh, our villagers are no longer beautiful and peaceful.

Yogesh: Yes, I know our village life is no longer beautiful and

peaceful. People, now started the application of machines there. Politics has infected their character.

Saurabh : But, villages have still open fields and gardens to give fresh air and charming sceneries.

Sumit : I expect the villages still represent nature pleasantly.

Q. 9. Town are important for the progress of civilization. Discuss.

Hari : Sonu, do you consider it correct that towns are important for the progress of civilization ?

Sonu : Quite not. If towns create improvement in our civilization, it may harmful for human existence. We see that modern atonic tests have spoiled the world environment. In agricultu

Q. 10. Why does the poet believe that God made the country ?

Ans. The poet believes that God has made the country. He believes so because in the country we find a natural surroundings. Artificial things are
very rare there. Everything in the country is fair and pure-air, water, food
and natural sceneries all are self spontaneous.

Q. 11. Why does the poet believe that man made the town ?

Ans. A township is built in an artificial way. Everything which we use here in our life is man mads. Even our food and materials of daily use are processed artificially. We use air blown by an electric fan, water, drawn by electric pump, tooth brush made of synthetics, etc. We even mechanise our character. So, not to speak of certain selected things but each and everything of our use we get here artificially. That is why the poet believes the town man-made.

Q. 12. Why is life bitter ?

Ans. Life is bitter with the effect of unwanted artificial behaviour of

Translate the following into English :

1. इस फल को मत खाओ।
2. धूप में मत खेलो।
3. बाजार शाम में जाओ।
4. प्रतिदिन व्यायाम करो।
5. नियमित रूप से अध्ययन करो।
6. धार्मिक पुस्तकों का अध्ययन करों।
7. कुछ समय छोटे भाई-बहनों के साथ बिताओ।
8. रोज अखबार पढ़ो।
9. रोज कुछ नए अंग्रेजी के शब्द सीखो।
10. कमरे की खिड़कियाँ खोल दो।

Ans. .

1. Don’t eat this fruit.
2. Don’t play in the sun.
3. Go to market in the evening.
4. Take exercise daily.
5. Study regularly.
6. Go through the religious books.

7. Spend some time with your younger brothers and sisters.
8. Read the newspaper daily.
9. Learn some English words daily.
10. Open the windows of the room.


Q. 1. Who has made the country and the town ?

Ans. God made the country and man made the town.

Q. 2. What is the wonder of health and virtue ?

Ans. The wonder of health and virtue is natural gift.

Q. 3. What can make the bitter sweet?

Ans. The gift of nature alone can make the bitter sweet.

Q. 4. What does the life hold ?

Ans. Life holds to all.

Q. 5. What does threaten in the fields and groves ?

Ans. Nothing threatens in the fields and groves

Q. 6. Whats mean by country’ and ‘draught’ ?

Ans. The word country means here, “countryside” and draught means “current of cold air.’

Q. 7. What music are the birds warbling?

Ans. The birds are warbling all the music.

Q. 8. What does the splendour of lamps do ?

Ans. The splendour of music eclipse our softer satellite.

Q. 9. What does confound our more harmonious notes ?

Ans. Your songs confound our more harmonious notes.

Q. 10. Why is the thrush scared ?

Ans. The thrush is scared due to the urbanisation of villages.

Q. 11. Why is the nightingale mute ?

Ans. Nightingale is mute because it is offended.

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