Idioms And Fhrases important question for class 10th & 12th | class 10th 12th english vvi question 2021


1. At one’s wit’s end

(A) Perplexed

(B) Clear Up

(C) Explain

(D) Enlighten

2. At one fell swoop

(A) After lots of thinking

(B) In a single action

(C) By mistake

(D) Joint action

3. Apple Pie Order

(A) In random order

(B) Related to fruits packing

(C) Related to dry fruits packing

(D) In perfect order

4. Above board

(A) boasting person

(B) honest and straight forward

(C) a man with arrogance

(D) a dishonest person

5. At one’s finger-tips

(A) To take revenge

(B) Matter of shame

(C) Complete knowledge

(D) None of the above

6. A pig in a poke

(A) accept deal in a pressure

(B) accept deal without knowing

(C) accept deal after detail analysis

(D) accept deal due to threat

7. As fit as a fiddle

(A) Very weak

(B) Recovering from illness

(C) Looks fit but not fit actually

(D) None of the above

8. & At loggers head

(A) in difficulty

(B) to be at strife

(C) very happy together

(D) none of the above

 9 An apple of discord

(A) cause of wealth

(B) cause of illness

(C) cause of happiness

(D) cause of quarrel

10. At the spur of the moment

(A) Difficult Moment

(B) Without Delay

(C) Great Moment

(D) Very Slow

11. At large

(A) very famous

(B) not famous

(C) abscond

(D) very far

12. At se

(A) baffled

(B) very happy

(C) very excited

(D) very sad

13. At sixes and sevens

(A) in perfect order

(B) very happy

(C) in disorder

(D) very sad

14. Argus eyed

(A) Doubtful

(B) Very Confident

(C) Very Calm

(D) Careful

15. A load of cobblers

(A) Good news

(B) Very famous

(C) Rubbish

(D) None of above

16. Back of beyond

(A) An ideal place for holidays

(B) A place with certain memories

(C) A religious place

(D) A lonely forsaken place

17. By hook or by crook

(A) by permission

(B) by any means

(C) by noble means

(D) by request

18. Bandy words

(A) to argue

(B) to request

(C) to give respect

(D) to be polite

19. Break the ice

(A) To do something with courage

(B) To win a prize

(C) To speak first after long silence

(D) To win some one heart

20. Bad Blood

(A) Wounded in scuffle

(B) Bitter relations

(C) Dishonest

(D) Arrogant

21. Black and Blue

(A) To put things in order

(B) To put things in disorder

(C) To trust someone

(D) To beat very badly

22. Brow Beat

(A) to bully

(B) to respect

(C) to praise

(D) to rebuke

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