8. Little Girls Wiser Than Man Vvi Subjective Question 2021 | class 10th english vvi subjective question 2021 | class 10th english pdf download



Q. 1. Why were the two girls dressed in new clothes and were showing their finery to each other?

Ans. The two girls were dressed new on the eve of Easter. Children like their new clothes very much. The two girls were neighbours. They were very pleased with their dress. So, for their pleasure, both of them when met near their homesteads, showed their clothes to each other.

Q. 2. Why did they step into the puddle ? What made them fight?

Ans. The two girls met, one day, near a puddle. Children like very much to play in water. Seeing the water the two girls became interested to play with water. So, they stepped into the puddle, as it was full of water.

                                                       The two girls were in new dress. They liked their dress very much. Splashing water made the clothes and face of a girl dirty. So, she became furious and started fighting.

Q. 3. What did the old woman mean by “Is it right to behave so ? On a day like this, too !”

Ans. Men and women of the locality were fighting on the occasion of Easter. An occasion of a festival is the opportunity of enjoyment of common social life. On a festival everybody enjoys happy moments. They do not want any unhappy event on the occasion. So, the old women reminds the people meaning that they should not make the occasion of a festival unpleasant

Q. 4. Why does the writer call the two little girls “Dear little souls”.

Ans. It is considered human understanding that children are innocent living beings. Not only the child of a human being but also of any animal looks very simple and innocent. Children do not tame any bad intention. They are only sentimental and quarrel emotionally but instantly forget all enmity at the next moment. So, the writer called them ‘Dear little souls’.

Q. 5. Explain “Except ye turn, and become as little children, ye shall in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven”.

Ans. Heavens are said to be the abode of gods. And, gods are said to be pure souls. When a man earns virtues, then alone he is counted in the group of gods And, then a man gets his seat in a heaven. person who earns sin or bad intention or ill feeling, cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. Children do not carry any bad intention or any ill will. They consider every thing emotionally. In the name way, if a man makes himself as simple as a child, he will be pure and then he will be authorised to enter into a heaven.

Q. 6. Is it proper to fight on trivial issues like sitting in the first row?

Ans. Group A : It is proper to fight on trivial issues like sitting in the first row. To sit in the first row is the right of everyone, One cannot claim that he alone can sit in the first row. So, one have to take fight to sit in the first row. There should be a criteria to decide the matter. Likewise, every issue should be decided on some criterias, otherwise a fight is essentia

7. Traslate into english 

They would not listen to the old lady, and nearly knocked her off her feet. And she would not have been able to quiet crowd, if it had not been for Akulya and Malasha themselves. While the women were abusing each other, Akoulya had wiped the mud off her frock, and gone back to the puddle. She took a stone and began scraping away the earth in front of the puddle to make a channel through which the water could run out into the street.

Ans. वे बूढ़ी महिला की नहीं सुनते, और लगभग उसे पीछे धकेल दिया। और वह भीड़ को शान्त नहीं कर पाती, यदि अकुल्या और मलाशा ने स्वयं न किया होता। जब महिलाएँ एक-दूसरे को गाली दे रही थीं, अकुल्या ने अपने फ्रॉक का कीचड़ पोछ लिया, और वापस गड्डे के पास गयी। उसने एक पत्थर लिया और गड्ढे के सामने एक नाली बनाने के लिए जमीन खोदने लगी जिससे पानी गली में बह सकता।

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