ANALYSIS Important Question Paper 2021 | English Grammar Important Question


1. This is the game which I like. (Choose the main clause)

(A) the game which

(B) which I like

(C) This is the game

(D) game which I

2. He is the teacher whom we all respect. (Choose the subor-dinate clause)

(A) He is a teacher

(B) the teacher whom we all respect

(C) teacher whom we

(D) whom we all respect

3. I know how he go it? (Choose the Principal Clause)

(A) I know

(B) He got it

(C) How he got it

(D) I know how

4. He said that he was busy. (Choose the Principal Clause)

(A) He was busy

(B) That he was busy

(C) He said that

(D) He said

5. What you say is true. (Choose the Principal Clause)

(A) What you say

(B) It is true

(C) You say

(D) You say is true

6. Where he lives is a mystery. (Choose the Principal Clause)

(A) It is my story

(B) Where he lives

(C) He lives

(D) He lives is a mystery

7. He gave me a book which I wanted. (Choose the Principal Clause)

(A) He gave me

(B) He gave me the book

(C) Which I wanted

(D) I wanted

8. He who is standing there is my son. (Choose the Adjective Clause)

(A) There is my son

(B) Who is standing there

(C) Standing there

(D) He who is standing

9. You should up when you left the room.(Choose the Adverb Clause)

(A) Where you are

(B) You are

(C) You should stay

(D) Stay where

10. He stood up when you left the room.(Choose the Adverb Clause)

(A) You left the room

(B) When you left the room

(C) He stood up

(D) Stand up

11. What he says is right? (Choose the Noun Clause)

(A) What he says

(B) It is right

(C) He says

(D) He says is right

12. That he is honest is known to all. (Choose the Noun Clause)

(A) It is known to all

(B) It is known

(C) That is honest

(D) None of these

13. Why he killed her is a mystery. (Choose the Noun Clause)

(A) He is a mystery

(B) He killed her

(C) Her is a mystery

(D) Why he killed her

14. I know the girl who is dancing. (Choose the Adverb Clause)

(A) I know

(B) I know the girl

(C) the girl who is

(D) who is dancing

15. It is sure that he will pass. (Choose the Noun Clause)

(A) It is sure

(B) he will pass

(C) sure that he

(D) that he will pass

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